The Horizon Ave. Brand Story

Horizon Ave. was born out of the attempt to express the hard-to-define, intangible quality that often forms the most important aspects of our lives. Whether in profound moments of solitude, or ecstatic moments of togetherness.
We are a brand that is dedicated to exploring concepts such as aestheticism, duality, zen & practices such as minimalism and decluttering through the medium of simple watches and accessories.
Watches have been around for centuries, and jewelry has been around a lot longer. Originally intended for timekeeping and adornment respectively, watches and jewelry were often imbued with lots of meaning, whether spiritual or cultural.
We focus on the small, often understated yet powerful objects, in way of honoring 'the little things' - as it is often these that make the difference and give us our greatest sense of belonging in life.
Therefore our watches, jewelry and accessories have clean, minimalist design paired with a quality, sophisticated build to help remind us to value the most important aspect of our lives - the moment.

Welcome to Horizon Avenue